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Top Technology method order
TAKET-TR2(transformer-box) Woofer-Hi-dIfinitioner(TAKET-WHD)
Super-teeter(TAKET-BATPRO) Supertweeter-pure(TAKET-BATPURE)
Explanation about pure-series
Sales of past H2 end and changs to H2 +. There are as usual thin pads specification(N) and thickness pads specification(K).
We set the pay service to remodel H2 to H2+ in person who has past H2 (\20,000).
The headphone was only an audio product to audit only by ear so far. However, I am thinking that the direction of which the sound
came is informed through person's skin by the harmonic component that was included in the standing up element of the sound
(It was thought that it is transmitted directly to the brain by way of the nerve not the audiphone), and I discovered that the color
of the sound becomes vivid, too. So we added to H2 this fact. As a result, a peculiar sound stage to the headphone
that extends to stick in surroundings of the head moves to previous and it approaches the speaker audition.
The unnatural headphone audition to which it listens only by the ear notices a peculiar stress to the auditor given at the same time.
When external BP (super-tweeter) enters, it comes to be able to do audition by the power of the shoulder coming off and relaxing.
H2 is open-air type.
External BP (super-tweeter) was shut by lid The open lid becomes a reflector, and the high pitch wave element
of the music signal radiated from BP can be reflected aiming at the face.
How to remodel for H2 Kit of tube amp
Left; thin pad
Right; thick pad
When the thickness pads
specification at the order
Bass control
It seem to be likely to feel overwhelming bass according to the person though the real pleasure of the bass at audition
by raising the volume of the speaker full can be tasted also with H2.
It is improved the distinctness of mid to low range
when in adding external BP (super-tweeter). It is went up thickness and the appearance of 3D improved this time.
It makes bass improvement where the sound stage feeling became excellent.