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Top Technology method order
Explanation about pure-series
Woofer-Hi-Definitioner(TAKET-WHD & STAND)
Pure is a name applied to the product that demonstrates an enough effect of the tone quality improvement without
a transformer.
It reacts directly to the music signal because WHDPURE is transformerless. Therefore, it becomes
clear positional of each music part and at the time of generation of each sound, and even if you do not hear it,
a wonderful effect is demonstrated especially in bass and mid-range though efficiency is low.
@The main structure
1. Cabinet
2.Front net of speaker
3.Rear net of speaker
5. Logo
6.TAT-Driver is built in Cabinet.
(Heil type drive is operated with
wave-like vibration board made by
monomolf polymer piezo-electric film)
7.+ Speaker terminal
8.- Speaker terminal
Attention;@WHDPURE doesn't become headphone.
The main specification
1. Reproduction frequency; 20Hz-15kHz 2 efficiency; 50dB/1m*2.83V 3 electric capacity; 55nF
4 Impedance; ‡-150 ohms (DC-20kHz) 5. Internal series resistance; 100ohms(2W)
6. Size;130mm(The speaker terminal contains it) in height ,90mm in width ,depth 40mm 8. Mass;About 100 gr.
Use method
Method of Using the WHD stand (optional).;
1.The slide is done on to unit installation part (3) of
WHDSTAND(2) like arrow (4) and cabinet (1) of
WHDPURE is installed.
2. When the phase of the speaker and WHDPURE is
opposite, it is necessary to turn the back of
cabinet (1) to the front. In that case, you may turn
STAND(2) inside out, or only unit installation part (3)
inside out and fixes to stand (5) can be done.
We will recommend the position of the favorite
to be searched though it is basic to put on the same
position as the line of right and left woofer.
Method of not using WHD stand;
1. Side (16) of WHDPURE is put on side of cabinet (9) of
the main speaker with the double-faced tape.
2. Or, you may put it the double-faced tape of side (17) of
WHDPURE in stand (15) of handmade.
It puts it. Of course, it is excellent even if it fixes firmly by
using the adhesive if you not thought detached later it.
About the connection with the main speaker
+terminals and -terminals of WHDPURE and main speaker shoud
be connected. The great result is obtained enough even with
a thin cable, as for the flowing current is small,

Note; Please connect it at terminal of woofer when you use
the Bi-connection.