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Abot TAT-Driver
Q1 What is Heil-Driver?
.The electrode that corresponds to the coil of dainamic-speaker is printed on the plastic fotmed like wave.
A wave-like vibration board be opened and shut, , when current pass in electrode of the borrd and it becomes sound wave
an electric current by arranging the magnet in the surroundings around board. It is advocated tens of years ago and it is applied to
the tweeter etc. , and there are a lot of fans in tone quality with the energy feeling. The Elgo Co. in Switzerland still
commercializes as a headphone and a full-range speaker system and they sell it.

Q2; What is the difference between polymer piezo-electric type(TAT-Driver) and Heil-Driver?
Heil-Driver drives the electrode with mass by pushing by the power of the magnet and pulling it.
Then, the speed of starting up is as driveing of a dynamic type of slowness until acceleration be obtained.
The feature of a piezo-electric type vibration board is a transition of a molecular level,
So it makes momentarily, and becomes a big movement as soon as current passing.

The flow of air corresponds to the current in a piezo-electric body
though a left photograph is a toy that finishes expanding
instantaneously the rolling paper when air is blown in.
That is, paper finishes postponing momentarily in the flow of air (current).
It will be able to be said that the response of a piezo-electric
type is better overwhelmingly.

Moreover, it is a big advantage that there is no shield like the magnet
that deteriorates the transmission of the sound wave to surroundings.

Q1 Are there method of sound pressure adjustment of BATPRO
a little more in detail?

There is a method of connecting the capacitor or resistance in series on the side of + of the speaker terminal.
The method of lowering with the capacitor also has the effect of cutting chiefly under 20kHz.
The method of lowering for resistance effectively lowers over 20kHz. When either method uses a weak amplifier to
a little amp or low impedance of the output, it is effective.
capacitor spec; 0.1micro F/100V over@to 1micro F/100V over(The sound pressure can be lowered small micro F)
resistance spec; 50ohms/3W over to 200ohms/3W over(The sound pressure can be lowered large ohm )

Q2 What is the difference with the other super-tweeter ?
The response of the sound quickens extremely by the polymer piezo-electric vibration board. Even the touch such
as musical instruments is reproduced, and it becomes a delicate, clear sound as a result. A delicate, light tone quality
is obtained because piezo-electric film near the acoustic impedance that the living body possesses,.
Because radiation of the sound is done by the structure of Heil-Driver, the energy feeling is also enough.
In a word, The realities doubles. Moreover, BATPRO are cut by 20kHz or less as much as possible though other
super-tweeters have reproduced from the tweeter area of 20KHz or less. As a result, it will be able to be said that
an effect a super-tweeter original can be demonstrated by suppressing receiving with the speaker of the main.

Q3; Why is the signal of 20kHz or more effective in CD though it is not recorded?
The signal of 20kHz or more is not recorded for a general CD disk. However, the accumulation of the state that
the volume changes rapidly in music. It can say that the dynamic range of music has been changed pulsing.
The pulse becomes the sum total of the harmonic component following infinity from a basic wave.
(Fourier development of rectangular wave)Changing this dynamic range is recorded for a general CD disk.
It might be able to be said that information on 20kHz or more will be recorded on a usual music CD disk
in abundance as for it.Though, the filter of the high range frequency cutting that cuts 20kHz or more. It was a reason of
bad tone quality when initial-set
of CD-players was offered. But it became popular to have over-sampling
today for technology of D-A conversion.
Therefore, we think there is an enough effect of the tone quality improvemen when the super-tweeter is added.
In addition, we are proposing another reason. please refer to here for a detailed discussion.

Q4; Is it effective in any speaker?
There is no speaker not suited at present. It seems to suit any speaker without the sense of incompatibility.
Moreover, the great result is widely obtained from the high-end to the minicomponent.

Q6; Is it safe though the vibration board discolors blacking while using it?
The material that contains silver voluminously is printed on the vibration board. Only a very thin layer
on the surface oxidizes, it gets black, and it doesn't progress any more though the vibration board discolors as
the surface of a silver spoon oxidizing and discoloring blacking it, too. It doesn't become a problem at all in
the performance. Please patronize it long at ease.