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New method of listening with headphones
Up to now, I have thought that it becomes a sense that the sound stuck in surroundings of the head at audition
of the TV programs with the headphones.
It dosen't seem to succeed still enough though the many surround
headphones are developed, and designed that the voice spoken at the center of the image is controlled to
hear from it. Then, we propose the method of audition with headphones based on the new discovery
"The supersonic wave informs to the viewer through the skin of the face the direction where the sound originates"
There is an enough effect
even if about 3m away from
the television.
1.Method of audition 1(The audition of TV )

BATPURE 1(super-tweeter of our product) is put on the speaker position of television 2.
Headphone 4 and BATPURE are connected in parallel by using. splitter cable3.
Next, Plug 5 of cable is inserted in headphone-jack 6 of television 2.

Effect; We are released from the stress that the sound stuck in the head, and get a natural surround feeling
with the sound and image moves forward. Person's voice etc. are raised from the mouth from among the image,
and there is an effect of becoming a sense that the image become more 3D.

2.Method of audition 2(When listening only to music. )

Put BATPURE 1 on TV 2 (The television is used only as an installation stand of BATPURE). and plug 5 of splitter cable3
is inserted in headphone jack 8 of amplifier 7, next,listens to music from CD player 9. etc.
Effect;The sound and image moves forward, the sound becomes more vivid.@