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       Characteristics and Benefits of TAKET products          

Our products, Super-Tweeter and Woofer-Hi-Difinitioner are added onto loudspeakers or
onto headphones, All our products radiate sound by a piezo-electric high polymer vibration
board which is shaped like wave. Our products thus have unique features which can't be
found in other speaker products..

1. Outstanding response speed

Our products operate with speed and response that far exceeds a moving-coil cone or even
a Heil air-motion transformer. The molecules which contract the piezo-electric film inside
the TAKET vibration board makes a big transition as soon as the sound input signal is
applied. Then the vibration board makes a big transition of movement like a Heil-driver but
with an advantage. Note that it is said that a Heil-driver response of movement is very
quick, as it opens and shut the vibration board shaped like wave, flips and then inhales air
quickly. But this movement is somewhat like an electrodynamic cone speaker in that
the power of the magnet pushes and pulls the vibration board which has mass, so it must
first accelerate before constant movement occurs.

2. The Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of the main speaker is not obstructed

Speaker systems are sold after the design and audition of sound pressure level (SPL) has
been repeated to create their best performance. A super-tweeter will then change the SPL
of the main speaker if you add it and it has enough SPL under 20kHz. So you will feel
the change of sound at the first audition. But you may find the sound produced to be dull
or shrill and odd around the overlapping part of the SPL of the main speaker and
the super-tweeter. Actually, a speaker that reproduces under 20kHz is not a super-tweeter
but a tweeter.

In the Super-tweeter, TAKET cuts the frequency response under 20kHz as much as
possible. First of all, frequency response under 20kHz is physically cut by adjusting the pitch
and the depth of the wave of the vibration board film. This is possible because of
the Heil-like structure. In addition a low frequency region is cut electrically by a capacitor.
Thus, the SPL under 20kHz of the main speaker system is not changed, even if the TAKET
Super-tweeter is added. It approaches an ideal super-tweeter that adds only to the sound
over 20kHz.

On the other hand, the TAKET Woofer-hi-definitioner sound pressure is suppressed at
the level of the main speaker system, so it doesn't influence the SPL. Why does such a low
level SPL give the enhanced sound quality? Maybe it is explained by another characteristic
of the TAKET product.The sound is produced immediately even on a woofer, and the sound
volume goes up and down instantly. Such micro starting parts of the sound is missing in
ordinary speakers. The TAKET Woofer-hi-definitioner fills in this missing part of the music,
and provides a big improvement of tonal quality.

3. Supersonic wave over 20kHz delivers the reality of the sound

For accuracy of music reproduction, it is better to differentiate between the steep element
of the sound which exists only in the starting point of a sound and the high frequency
element which can be detected as a wave. The steep element of the starting point is not
cut and remains, even though sound over 20kHz is not recorded on a standard CD
(please refer to the 'sampling of CD' section of our website). At TAKET we think that this
steep starting element of sound contributes to make fine sound, a wide soundstage, and
the realism of reproduced music.

4. Headphone and earphone improvement

We hear music by ear and also feel it through our skin. At TAKET we have confirmed this
by experiment (please refer to our web site section 'new discovery'). You will hear the sound
come from forward when you listen to music by directional loudspeaker, because you are
listening to the sound through your body skin too. But the soundstage is located on the top
of your head when you listen via headphone or earphone. You will feel the stress of listening
the sound by ear only. So, TAKET recommend that you put a super-tweeter on the outside
of the headphone enclosure so that you can feel the starting element of sound through
the skin of your face.

You can confirm this effect yourself through a simple palm experiment.
Please listen to the sound of real music and other real sound, for example the song of a bird
or cicada, and the sound that comes to your face by the following two methods:

1. Let's listen to the sound while covering the face with the palms of both hands.

2. Next, remove the hands from the face and listen to the same sound.

Does the sound grow dull when the face is covered with the palms, and isn't the sound more
vivid when the palms are removed?


TAKET products have these benefits/characteristics.

This might change the sound by 5-10 % at the moment of audition. But it is a very important
5 % needed for music realism. Just like when you feel irritated, even if you scratch around
a wide area of an itchy point of your body, something itchy remains. TAKET products reveal
this important 5 % which is missing in ordinary speakers, headphones, and other efforts
at audio improvement.