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Soundstage Activator
big photo.
Treble has comfrtable sharpness, bass is tight and profound
and middle has 3D taste which can be imaged real stage.
It change to the real transparent soundstage from dopy
or rough feeling that is fate of audio soundstage.
Fixed price JPY 19,800
Feature; 1. This set is for exclusive unbalance type amplifier. It mix the signal of L an R channel faintly by
connecting both output + terminals of amplifier.
2. You can control the soundstage by rotate the switch of front panel.
OFF( no connection ) -> STEREO -> Linear control -> MONO
note 1; MONO is not complete monaural.
note 2; You must use balance type SA(b), if your amplifier is balance type.
Please look at this section about balance type SA(b).
Specification and Structure;
1. Impedance between 2 + terminals ; about 200k to 1M ohms.
2. Surround cabinet is aluminum painted black.
3. 4 peice of foot made of rubber are put on the bottle.
4. Front and Back panels are made of black ABS plastic.
5. Nob made of aluminum is inserted to the axis of the switch.
6. 2 +terminals plated of gold are put on the back panel.
7. Size; width 69mm x length 87mm x (terminals and switch is included)
height 38mm ( foot is included )
Mass; about 90 gram
plus terminal
Method of use;
1. +terminals of SA to be connected to +L, +R output terminal of amp.
2. There are no distinctions in L,R between two terminals of SA.
3. Please set the black point mark of nob at your favorite sound position,
though we recommend usually 1 to 3 position.

Method of use when speaker is drived by more than two amp.
1. Indivisual mono-amp. at L, R ; It is enough with one blance type.
2. Indivisual unbalance amp. for several units divided by frequency;
Unbalance type SA at each amps.
3. Indivisual balance amps. for several units divided by frequency;
balance type SA at each amps.
4. Bi-wiring connection; It is enough with one unbalance type or one balance type.
note 1; balance type can use as unbalance type.
note 2; Please ask us how to use about other connections.

Explanation of balance and unbalance amp. ; L and R chanel have Indivisual cold( earth ).
We will explain about the back story untill we have launched this product, because this product has
born based on a new discovery and a invention, Please refer to the section '
back story of SA '