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Top Technology method order
Products' list and Features
The main structure;@
1. Wooden cabinet with frosting black painting.
2. The horn made of brass are fixed to the front by four point.
3. 18kHz or less are efficiently cut by a
structural wave-like polymer
piezoelectric bimorph(Heil type)arranged in a center of horn.
4. A gold-plated speaker terminal is fixed to the back.
The peel line can be inserted and be passeed through the hole on the terminal.
The screw can stop it.(The maximum diamete of line is 5mm)
Moreover, the banana plugs can be inserted in the back of the speaker terminals
5.The aluminum rotary switch is put on to the center of the back,
Both terminals of +- have been partitioned in the insulation version.
Efficiency is switched to five stages.
6.There is a transformer in the inside, and the voltage input to both speaker
terminal is step up to 25 times. So as not to get an electric shock even
if touching, the outside of the cabinet is insulated.

7. The three points of bottom are supported by the spike made of brass.
The main specification;
1. Maximum power rating; The protection circuit operates over 100V(However, the test signal by 20kHz or more
shoud be under 20V). It return to the origin when you turns off power and a few minutes pass. )
2. Impedance; infinity-140-28(direct current-20kHz-100kHz).
3. Reproduction frequency; It is cut steeply under 18kHz by Heil type structure and capacitor.
4. maximum output sound pressure; 100dB/W/m( Efficiency is switched to five stages)
5. Mass; About 720 grams
6. Size; About 110mm (width)70mm (height)100mm (terminals are not inclouded) and 23mm(terminal depth)
7. Drive system; TAT-driver(Heil type bimorph polymer piezo-electric driver)
Explanation of rotary switch;
When the black round sign position of the rotary switch in the back is switched.
It is the efficiency of the speaker and revokable at five stages.
OFF G@70dB
@ 1 G@85dB
@ 2 G 90dB
@ 3 G@95dB
@ 4 G 100dB
The position of turning off is not turning off
in completely but 70dB .
Switch position of rotary switch
Note; Setting position lower than the efficiency of the main speaker is often achieved a better effect and exists.