Top Technology method order
JPY3,700(Connector attached)
Let's try before your purchase BPP

Not few person said that the effect is not understood well. The reason may be that it is not a gay change that changes
the frequency response. However, there might be not only that but also an individual variation.
Let's test as follows before purchase BPP.

Please listen the sound like music, sound of TV, bird's or cicada voice and the noise etc that comes forward of
the face by the following two methods.
1. Please listen the sound while covering the face with the palm of both hands.
2. Next, remove the palm from the face and listen the same sound.

Does the sound grow dim when the face is covered with the palm, and isn't the sound vivid when removing?
Please refrain from purchase BPP,if you do not feel much difference.
But we recommend purchasing BPP, if you feel difference big

There are a lot of equipmen which we can audit by the headphone and earphone. BPP (batpure-portable) demonstrates
the effect in almost all those equipment. We can hear the minute supersonic wave element included
in the stand up element of the sound through the skin of the face by BPP though the sound of the headphone is heard
by the ear.Moreover, the stereo mini-plug and the stereo mini-Jack specification though a splitter is attached to
this commodity. BPP receives only from RCH, though he plug of BPP is a stereo mini-plug specification.
Please add and use stereo mini-plug/stereo standard plug or the conversion connector of
stereo mini-Jack/stereo standard Jack etc. (It is not attached to this commodity)

This product is not only for portable.
It has a profound effect to the high-end headphone system that listens with the desktop amps.
The order of high effect; High-end headphone > general headphone > high-end earphone > general earphone

   Connection method(FiG.1) Ex.;The audition of portable music player.
  1. A splitter is inserted in phone jack of the music player.
  2. BPP and the phone plug are inserted in double jack of splitter in parallel.
  3. The phone audtion is done with the batpure radiator of BPP turned in
    the direction of the face.
  4. The effect is demonstrated even if about 5m away if the radiator of BPP
    is in the direction of the face even a little.
  5. Even the headphone is similar though earphone is used in Figure 1.
  6. BPP and earphone are inserted in phone jack of TV in parallel used by splitter
    in TV audition.
  7. Please add and use stereo standard plug /stereo mini-jack's conversion adaptor
    in electronic musical instruments etc. of the standard size specification.
    The main specification
    1.Range of reproduction frequency and efficiency; 20kHz-150kHz
    about 70dB/1m
    2.The maximum voltage; 150V
    3. Mass;About six grams
    4. Impedance; ∞〜100kΩ(DC-100kHz)
    5. Because an electric specification is the same as BATPURE,
    and high impedance, the load to the amplifier etc. is minimum.
Use example and installation method
Fig.2 Fig.3
If you put the portable music player
such as ipod in the pocket,
let exclude only the face of BPP
from the pocket, and turn
the radiator to the face when
listening the music, 'Entranced sound' effect is achieved enough.

The image of 3D is improved
with ipad etc by BPP connecting
parallel. because the voice about
which the person talks come
from person's mouth,

Enough effect can be obtained
even if your face is away
from BPP like on your knee.

When putting it in the bag etc.
that carried slung from one's
shoulder, an enough effect is
achieved by only BPP excludes
the face.

Fig.4 Fig.5 Standard jack of headphone
in the electric piano often
adheres on the back side of
the keyboard. In that case,
the radiator of BPP can be
turned to the player by using
stereo standard plug/stereo
mini-plug conversion
connector of L shape.
Still, please use the extension
cable in addition when length is insufficient.
When other silent instrument
like violins are practiced with
the headphone, it is similar.
The television that has
the phone jack at the back
side, connect BPP with
the extension cable,
and draw it out in front
of the television.

                        About ’entranced sound’effect
We must look for around the goodness even if we listen with the highest class audio system.
It is something different of real sound.
Real sound;

  1. Directionality, start up ,and the separation of sound is 3D, and have brightness, light, and is vivid in for overall.
  2. A treble merge relaxedly in air.
  3. Mid and bass, there are a glossy sound and a thickness, and a bass is not so heavy.
  4. We call the sound that the ear is naturally drawned to the sound even if we are not looking for
    is 'entranced sound'.

Sound of audio system;

  1. Generally it is dark and heavy. And instruments, vocal, and surrounding sound become monopor and flat
  2. In addition, for audition of headphone it becomes feeling to which the sound stuck around the top of the head,
  3. we become tired in the phone at short time.
  4. Perhaps, we assume this listening tiredness to be a stress to which we listen only by the ear.
  5. 'Entranced sound' effect is easily added only by connecting BPP with the headphone or earphone
    in parallel,and it approaches a genuine sound.
There is a player with not good effect;
An old MD player (ATRACK1 recording) did not achieve 'Entranced sound' effect. There is a possibility of
the influence that the frequency of 15kHz or more is cut with the filter in the ATRACK1 recording,
Ipod etc. of the AAC recording are achieved an enough effect.
                Confirm method in 'Entranced sound' effect
  1. It can be confirmed by pull out or insert of BPP from the splitter.
  2. By a thick cloth be covered or be removed to the radiator of BPP.
    Attention; If the radiation face is covered with the finger and the hand, the distinction becomes difficult
    because we listen to the supersonic wave by the skin of the finger and the hand and it vivifies the sound.
  3. By the radiator of BPP is tabulated and turns it over.
    Attention; However, the comparison of the effects becomes difficult by the reflection sound
    if it is turned inside out on the desk that reflects easily.
  4. The sound stage retreats behind the head when radiator of BPP is sit behind the head.

Confirm method whether BPP is broken

Please insert BPP in the headphone terminal attached to the amplifier for the speaker.
Please turned on the CD disk that in a lot of treble to the CD player etc. And raise the volume.
Attention; Please confirm that sound is not produced from the speaker when you insert BPP to phone jack.
A large volume sound might go out from the speaker suddenly, and the speaker and the amplifier will break.
If you can hear the treble faintly when your ear is brought very close to radiator of BPP,
BPP is normal and not broken.
However, because the voltage is low even if the volume is raised in the maximum, you do not hear it
in a portable player and the headphone amplifier.

Please read here when you do not understand the effect of BPP by all means.