Top Technology method order
Q1.  How to further improve sound quality
A1; Place a metal coin under the four rubber feet on the bottom of the body.

  The sound is sharper and clearler in the full frequency band.

  The LIVE position is too high with the spike pin,

  We recommend metal coins as the thickness is thin,

  It seems that there is no difference in the metal material and the price of the coin,

  but please try various coins.

A2; TAKET-LIVE gives a three-dimensional effect to the sound stage.

  However, it may sometimes make the mid-low range louder.

  There is a method that tightens the mid-low range and allows the extension of

  the high range to penetrate upward.

  Setting the backplate (highly recommended)

  Create a back plate like the one in Photo 1 by crumpling thick Kent paper.

 Set it behind TAKET-LIVE as shown in photo 2.This is a simple method that

 but you can also get more high-frequency extension and a wider sound stage.

Ph.1 Ph.2
photo 1.;
 thick kent paper
 220mm x 220mm
 Roll and curve.

Photo 2;
  The poster is cut out and pasted on
 the back plate Kent paper,
 The effect can be obtained whether
 the size is large or small.

 Materials and designs are not limited.

 It would be a good idea to paste your
 favorite photo or draw a picture
 on the surface of the screen.

Hint: Pasting a poster tightens the mid-low range.

   However,when poster pasted on the back plate were placed on both the left and right

  channels, the sound stage in the center was pulled down, and it became a little hollow.

  So we tried to remove the right side backplate and placing a back plate with a poster on

  only the left channel. And turning it slightly inward, we got amazing results.

  The high frequencies penetrated upward and the balance of the sound stage became

  the best.

   Omnidirectional TAKET-LIVE can be customized to your favorite sound quality and sound field..

  It may be a big features of this product.