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Explanation of pure-series

The TAT driver (vibration board that formed a polymer piezo-electric film to the wave-like and drove like the Heil type)
had to step up the voltage by using the transformer to match it to the efficiency of a general speaker and the headphone.
Efficiency that 90dB-100dB is high was achieved by installing the transformer in super-tweeter BAT1 and BATPRO,
and the volume of the sound more than the equal to the headphone of a dynamic type was able to be obtained also
with headphone H2 by borrowing the power of transformer box TR2. Thus, the unit of vibration board that was made
TAT-driver or a polymer piezo-electric film was thought that the stepping up with the transformer etc. was indispensable.

However, to be surprised even when combining with the speaker or the headphone of high efficiency and without stepping up
the TAT driver, a very high effect of the tone quality improvement was discovered. The action that clarified starting up of
the sound that was the feature of BAT1 and BATPRO was obtained when making it to a super-tweeter. Moreover, the expansion
feeling of a bass was obtained like applying super-woofer in case of Woofer-Hi-Difinitioner(WHD), and, in addition,
the thickness and the effect of the tone quality improvement of a surprising bass range were achieved. It is vomited
as the reason to use a polymer piezo-electric film by which the transition of a molecular level becomes immediately big operation.
It is thought that a transformerless TAT-driver informs to lisner the origin of the sound even if efficiency is 20-50dB low,
and starting up of the sound is supplemented which missed to Dynamic-speaker and the headphone,.

The sound space between musical instruments and vocal vague somehow even in case of the Hi-End dynamic type speaker.

What do each part such as musical instruments and vocal do by clarifying the vagueness, and it comes to transmit lisner
the volitional power how players wanting to express it well. It is thought that it becomes the appearance of solidity to which it
makes the depth of the sound and the presence is remarkable.

Then, I will commercialize BATPURE as a transformerless super-tweeter this time, commercialize WHDPURE as a transformerless
Woofer-Hi-Difinitioner, and offer these products as a pure series.

TAKET-BATPURE of a super-tweeter is a raw ore of the tone quality improvement that can be readily added from the high-end
to a thin television and the headphone.

It has the shine that can enjoy the effect of the tone quality improvement even as it is. On the other hand, please think that
BATPRO are products that polish this raw ore further, add the extension feeling, powerful, and grace, straighten externals, and
finish it up in the ring and the necklace.

And headphone TAKET-H2 is the product which cover all frequency region by the TAT-driver, and can filled every cell of sound
as real presence.

Please add the TAT-driver products including pure-series to your audio system to confirm the starting point of the sound missed
at any rate so far of what.