Top Technology method order
Legend TAKET-H2+ has come back
  into a super version.

■ Both high and low are expanded and the reality
  is greatly improved

 TR2 and dedicated amplifiers can be used
  as they are

Polymer piezoelectric Heil drive
1. Main Specifications It is an open air driven by polymer piezoelectric Heil type.
  SUH2+ alone
1. Reproduction frequency; 10Hz - 100kHz

2. Maximum allowable input voltage:
 200V (p-p) +200V(p-p)

3. Maximum input current; 40mA + 40mA

4. Maximum power; 8W + 8W

5. Minimum impedance; about 2kΩ

6. Headphone plug pin assignment;

 (Neutrik 4-pin plug)

 1 pin L+ ,  2 pin L-,  3 pin R-,  4 pin R+

7. Mass; about 370g (cable not included)

8. Cable length; about 3.3m

SUH2+ connected to TR2

This combination can be considered a loudspeaker.

1. Reproduction frequency; 30Hz - 100kHz

2. Maximum allowable input voltage: 10V (p-p) +10V(p-p)

3. Maximum input current; 800mA + 800mA

4. Maximum power; 8W + 8W

5. Minimum impedance; about 10Ω

Note 1; However, input a test signal for measurement beyond
the permissible value of the 1W sensing resistor of TR2 the protection
cercuit may activate and cut off the current. After turning off
the power, it will return after a while. So,use music sources only.

Note 2; The combination of ( TR2 + SUH2+ ) is a speaker. Therefore,
they must be driven by a speaker amplifier. If you connect other
speakers in parallel there a drop in impedance puts a burden on the
amplifier do so may cause malfunction. Please use the changeover switch.
And turn off the speaker and (TR2+SUH2+)

2. Composition of SUH2+ Description of the name and function of each part
and how to connect.

1. A vibration plate with electrodes formed on
 a bimorph polymer piezoelectric film and molded
nto a wave shape is placed inside unit L(a) and
 unit R(b). Please refer to the technical section
 of our website.

(Worn on the head) 
2. Unit L(a) and unit R(b) are suspended from
 a headband(c) covered with an artificial leather
 cover by a single stainless steel bar holder(d).
 The holder(d) slides in the holder base(e) to adjust
 the height of the headband(c). It can be fixed by
 tightening the knurled screw(f). The holder(d)
 rotates in the holder base(e) to adjust the angle
 at which the ear pads(g) touch your cheeks.
 Please check L and R before worning.
 Head cover can be replaced by opening
 the zipper. Cabinets use ABS resin.

(Exchange of earpad) Earpads are made of artificial leather

 3. The ear pads(g) are fitted into the pad base(h), and the pad base(h) can be slid out of the unit L(a).
  The ear pads(g) are replaced together with the pad base(h).The side with the pad hole(i) is in front of
  the face when worn. Do not move it unnecessarily. The pad hole(i) is open for the purpose of preventing
  muffled sound. Secondly, it also acts as a moisture barrier.

(External super tweeter technology)

 4. A super tweeter BATPURE is built into the inner bottom of each unit, and the super tweeter reflector(j)
  irradiates the face with ultra-high frequency sound. It prevents cranial localization of the sound stage
  and gives a sense of openness. The same is true for the R unit side.

(Cable and SA technology)

 5. Each unit is connected to a cableL(k) with a length of about 35 cm and a cable(l), which are bundled
  together and attached to the tip with a 4-pin plug(m) made by Neutrik. In addition, SA technology, which
  is our unique sound stage activation technology, also includes cables
  Creates a lively coherence of sound by suppressing unnecessary scattering of sound when listening to
  headphones. recable may reduce the sound quality and sound stage..

3. How to connect and audition

 1. Connect the TR2 to the speaker audio amplifier as shown in the photo, and insert the SUH2+ headphone plug.
  into the TR2 headphone jack to audition.
 2. The conventional H2+ exclusive amplifier can be used for SUH2+.