Top Technology method order
@JPY24,000 /1pair
Structure of stand
photo1; It's seen from
the back of the bottom plate
It is fitted four rubber foot.
photo2; Front and back of stand

Left is front and right is back.
Method of mounting of WHDPURE to the stand
Photo3 Photo4
1. There are narrow groove
cut on the side and the bottom

2. Please insert WHDPURE from the bottom
of WHDPURE along the side plate of stand.

3. The groove on the bottom of the WHDPURE
will snap to the top of the front of stand
Creation of sound stage
Let 's make an realistic sound stage
WHDPURE have a abilty of create deep
sound stage more than super tweeter.
But the center of gravity of the sound
will become in the direction of bass.
If you add super-tweeter like BATMASTER
or BATPRO2 especially on that system,
the center of gravity come back to
reasonable aria and immersive sound stage
can be obtained.
Sound stage can be changed by
the setting position of WHDPURE.
(At first we recommend to put
the super-tweeter on the top plate
and near the tweeter of main speaker.)
Fig.a; It has been in front of the woofer.
Balance of thickness of mid and bass area
spread of treble is good.
Fig.b; It has been put on under the main
speaker stand. Sound stage become big as
like as big size speaker included stand height. Balance is also good.
Fig.c; It has been put on inside the main
speakers. Deep thickness will be created
around mid and bass as like as monoral
sound stage.
Fig.d; It has been put on outside the main
speakers. Large sound stage will created.
Center of sound stage will be a little diluted.
Please try several setting and select your favorite sound stage.