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Top Technology method order
New discovery
gThe person is perceiving the direction of which the sound comes excluding the ear through the skin of the face etc.
And,the supersonic wave greatly contributes to this action."
We confirmed this fact by the following experiments.
1 Machine used
1. Closed type dynamic headphone
Photo. 1

The arm was put up to the headphone case,
And two BATPUREs are put up to the point by arm,
and connected to
the dynamic closed
type unit and connected parallel electrically.

ON-OFF switch of BATPURE was put on the case for the experiment.

(As the source devices)
3. CD player, amplifier, and CD music source for music audition
4. TV with headphone mini-Jack for movie audition

2 Experiment method and result
Photo. 2
1. The ear-pads is applied to the ear when the headphone put on the head.
Next, the arm is set so that BATPURE may come in front of the face.

2. And, music or the movie is auditioned.
a. First of all, the switch of BATPURE is turned off.
Result; The sound of music and movie is sticking on the top of head
and it make a stress with the sense of incompatibility
from a coventional headphone.

b. Next, the switch of BATPURE is turned on.
Result; Feeling that sticks in the head is lost, the sound place
moves forward,
and it has become more profound a sound
that comes from the center. In the movie,
I hear
the person's conversation from front and no image
and voice senses
of incompatibility. Furthermore,a natural surround feeling
is obtained.
Moreover, there is a sound quality improvement such as distinctness as well as
when BATPURE had been built into headphone case.

Keeping away the arm from the face as much as possible so that the supersonic wave from BATPURE may strike
the entire face, and BATPURE being located diagonal before the person are the most effective.
C. Other experiments
Photo. 3
a. The arm is turned behind the head.
BATPURE was arranged behind the head.
Result; The sound stage was located behind the head.

b. We similarly experimented on a variety of supersonic wave units
Result; Such effect that finished being
satisfactory was not achieved

(The reason has not been understood yet)

(Takei)Personal impression;
I think that it is near torture to audition the headphone
of the electronically controlled for a long time,
though a lot of surround headphones are sold.
Because it stick in surroundings of the head unnaturally.
3. Consideration
The headphone used is closed type dynamic headphone.
So the originating supersonic wave doesn't reach the ear directly from BATPURE applied to the point of
the postponed arm
besides headphone case.

Therefore, the following conclusion was obtained.
a. The influence that turns on BATPURE has been synthesized through the skin of the head
to sound information that enters from the ear.
b. The originated supersonic wave has one fo the key to informs of the directionality of the source.
4. Proposal from TAKET
We propose the new method of attention of headphones based on this result.
5. Contact us about new discovery
I think that it can make the best use of the usage of BATPURE for many fields. Headphone, speaker, TV, car,
architectural sound, and medical equipment, etc.
The cost decreases greatly, too, when the design built into these equipment beforehand is possible,
and after making mass-production it.
Please contact us if any manufacturer interested it by all means. mail adress;@ttakei@axel.ocn.ne.jp