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Soundstage Activator
big photo.
 Treble has comfrtable sharpness, bass is tight and profound
   and mid-range has 3D flavour which can be imagined
   as a real soundstage.
 It changes the sound to a real soundstage from the dull or
   rough feeling that is the fate of the stereo audio soundstage.
 It doesn't narrow the soundstage, but makes the stereo sense
Fixed price JPY 24,800
You can see a fine review in "witchdoctor" site.
Feature; 1. This set can be used for balance type amplifier. It mix the signal of L and
R channel faintly by connecting both output + terminals of amplifier.
2. You can adjust the best soundstage by rotate the switch of front panel.
You can select the position by your speaker impedance.
OFF( no connection and old audio stage ) -> STEREO( for over 8 ohms impedance speaker )
-> Linear control -> MONO( for under 1 ohms impedance speaker )
note 1; MONO is not a monaural setting. Please consider this position is adjusted
at low impedance speaker
note 2; You can use SA(b) also for unbalance type amplifier
Please look at this section about balance type SA(u).
Specification and Structure;
1. Impedance between two + terminals ; about 200k to 1M ohms.
2. two - terminals ; about 200k ohms.
3. Surrounding cabinet is aluminum painted black.4
4. Four rubber feet.
5. Front and back panels are black ABS plastic.65. Aluminum knob on the switch.
6. All terminals are gold-plated.
7. Size; width 69mm x length 87mm( terminals and switch is included ) x
  height 38mm ( foot is included )
8. Mass; about 115 gram
Method of use;
1. +terminals of SA to be connected to +L, +R output terminals of amplifier.
  And -terminals to be connected to -L, -R output terminals of amplifier.
2. There are no distinctions in L,R between two +terminals and
  between two -termanals of SA.
3. Please set the black point mark of knob at your favorite sound position,
  we recommend usually 1 to 3 position to the general speaker which has
  around 8 ohms impeadance.

Method of use when speaker is driven by more than two amp.
1. Indivisual mono-amp. at L, R ; use one blance type SA.
2. Indivisual unbalanced amp. for several units divided by frequency;
  use an unbalance type SA at each amp.
3. Indivisual balanced amps. for several units divided by frequency;
  use balance type SA at each amp.
4. Bi-wiring connection; use one unbalance type SA or one balance type SA.
note 1; balance type SA can be used as an unbalance type SA.
note 2; For other confugurations, please ask us..

Explanation of balanced and unbalanced amp. ;
L and R chanels have indivisual cold( earth ) in balance amp.
but same cold (earth) in unbalanced amp.
We explain about the backstory to the launch of this product, because this product has
Been born from a new discovery and an invention, Please refer to the section
' back story of SA '