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Top Technology method order
Portable super-tweeter(BPP)
Explanation about pure-series
Headphone(H2) Supertweeter(BATPURE-Cset)
The effect is
demonstrated in
the speaker of
efficiency 100dB/1m.
No.1; Application to audio speaker No.2G Application to television
A left photograph is three way speaker
system which have good sound
The vagueness of standing up of the sound
becomes plain if BATPURE is added there,
and the depth of sound is improved.
In the photograph, white paper is actually
unnecessary though white paper is pasted
to make easily to see and BATPURE is
By the way, the person whom wiring thinks
to be an eyesore can make an original
super-tweeter by putting BATPURE on
a suitable block, and putting it
on the speaker cabinet.
A left photograph is 42 inches TV.
The appearance connected with a built-in speaker of the plasma television in parallel is shown.
As for the connection of
BATPURE to both terminals,
soldering is recommended.
The clip substitutes with the switch in the photograph for the experiment.
Even if BATPURE is set in
the television without applying
it to the outside, the effect is
demonstrated without the change.
Even the classics concert can be endured enough even
in case of listening from a built-in poor speaker of TV.
Note; The television should remove the panel in the back,the cable be connected, and go only
in there is an electric technology, please.
Moreover, there is a possibility the guarantee of the television manufacturer can't be received
No.3G Application to headphone
Left photograph; The headphone of a dynamic type was opened,
BATPURE was put with a strong double-faced tape on
the cover of the vibration board, and it is wired with
the dynamic-unit in parallel.

Right photograph of externals;To test ON-OFF
The appearance in which the slide switch besides the cabinet
is turned on is shown. If you turn on BATPURE,
the neck will be naturally shaken regardless
of the kind of music and the body shakes even a person not
sensitive to the sound change notice.

Inside Outside

Note 1; Of course, the switch need not be turned on excluding the person who wants to make the comparison test.
Note 2; Please choose goods that you may fail in remodeling and break because it is necessary to open the headphone first of all.
Your dull headphone that was going to be disposed will change into the product that cannot be parted with if remodeling goes well.
Note 3; Though the photograph is a dynamic headphone of the type of the rear side open.
Even the closed type similarly obtains the great result.

No.4G@Other various application
It becomes happy in the car if you add to car audio. The real presence become doubles when adding it to 5.1CH surround..
The penetration of the sound rises if you add it to the single goods speaker for the announcement.