Top Technology method order
Hedphone(TAKE-H2) Woofer-Hi-Difintioner(TAKET-WHD & STAND)
Transformer-box(TAKET-TR2) Supertweeter-pure(TAKET-BATPURE)
Explanation of pure-series



JPY 60,000/pair
1. Sound wave radiation side
3.minus speaker black terminal
4 large-scale plus speaker red terminal
5. rotary switch

The explanation of the
rotary switch

It is revokable at five stages. The SPL efficiency of the speaker

OFF ; 50dB
1 ;  70dB
2 ; 80dB
3 ;  90dB
4 ; 100dB

The main specification
  • Maximum rating; 35V
  • Impedance; 8ohms
  • Reproduction frequency band region;
    18kHz-150kHz or more
  • The maximum output sound efficiency;
    Five stage switch
  • Mass; About 300 grams
  • Size;125mm(width)90mm(height)
    100mm(depth terminals are contained)
  • Drive system;
    polymer piezo-electric Heil type

It has been understood to have the reproduction ability of 150kHz or more that is the measurement limit of
the microphone from the measurement with research laboratories of the university.

Note2; Connection method
Please connect the speaker terminal of BATPRO2 with the speaker terminal of the main speaker in parallel.
rIt is good even if you connect it directly with the speaker output terminal of the amplifier.
There seems unusually to be a speaker that is a reverse-aspect, too.
In that case, please connect the +.terminal.. - in oppositely.

Please connect it with high pitch(tweeter) side at the Bi connection.