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Products' list and their characteristics
Super tweeter
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High end of BAT series. It is secured beautiful holm and rigidity by adoption a wooden
thick cabinet, the brass horn, and the brass spike. So, It crate the powerful and steady
sound stage in addition to an natural sound extension that clearly of a current BAT series.
You can audit any music with brightness and the lightness which you may feel
in real music performance.
110mm(width),70mm (height),100mm (depth;terminal.s are not included), 720gr(mass)/one
BATPRO2 Efficiency is switched to five stages with the rotary switch. The surface finish with a beautiful
black silver painting with gold-plated speaker terminals. The effect of tone quality gives
the extension of a sound stage that is clear and is natural and improves the presence.
125mm(width),90mm(height),77mm(depth;terminal.s are not included), 260gr(mass)/one
Price; JPY60,000/pair
BATPURE Only because it pastes, and the +- terminal is connected to the main speaker, the effect
of the high level of the tone quality improvement is achieved. In the music audtion,
standing up of the sound becomes clear, and the depth and the sound is improved.
In the television audtion, speaking come from person's mouth for example.
So visual become presence image.
It becomes a vivid sound if it builds it in the headphone.
30mm(width;terminals are included),12mm(height), 3.8mm(thickness), 1gr(mass)/one
BEE_PURE The aluminum is cut beautifully like the curve of bee and anodized.
BATPURE is fixed on it’s front face for vibration board.?Stainless cover
which has many pinholes improve the soundstage.
The starting point of a sound become clear for audition of music.
The reality is improved even to the image of the television.
1unit; 60mm(width)56mm(thickness; terminal are included )21mm(thickness) 140gr
A portable super-tweeter for the headphone or earphone. You can listen through
the skin of your face. You only insert it and headphone in paralle in the splitter.
You will listen the sound with presence image overall, and it is vivid.
Though the sound stick to the top of the head at the audition of headphone usually,
Sound stage locates forward after connecting BPP parallel to
headphone. And you will
free from the stress which you will receive when you listen the sound only by the ears.
20mm(width),80mm(length; plug is included),8mm(thickness), 6gr(mass)
Woofer-Hi- Diffinitioner
WHDPURE The presence and gloss occur to the bass and midrange only by connecting WHDPURE
with the main speaker system in parallel, and the thickness increases. No decoration only of
the existence of the bass, and it is the life that has breath will be able to actually felt.
In addition, when a super-tweeter of TAKET is connected, it is covered with total presences
that the whole tone united from the bass to treble.
90mm(width),130mm(height; terminals are included),40mm(depth), 100gr(mass)/one
WHDSTAND The stand where WHDPURE is put up. It is possible to set it easily by being cut the slit
on the side of WHDPURE, and inserting it in side panel of STAND.
.The finish is a beautiful
frosting black baked painting that processes the steel of 1.2mm thicknesss sheet.
110mm(width),120mm(height),90mm(depth), 190gr(mass)/one
H2(K)+(thick pads) The first headphone in the world that used TAT driver for all band.
Not the bass only of existence but the life that has breath.
The amorousness of midrange such as vocal is transmitted.
Super-tweeter put up to the inside and outside of the cabinet blow in the vivid breath,
and the sound stage with the presence, the appearance of solidity, and the extension is formed.
330gr(cable is not included)
TR2 Transformer step up the voltage of signal for H2+ to obtain an enough sound pressure.
the input terminals in the back of TR2 must connect to the output terminals of the amplifier
for the speaker. It is same to do at the speaker, and canon male terminal of the cable
of H2+ is connected with a front four pin canon femail terminal (photo).
Price;JPY100,000 150mm(width),110mm(height),120mm(depth;terminals are included), 3600gr(mass)
Exchange pads The left of the photo. is a thin pad, and the right is a thick pad. Pads of headphone H2+ can be exchanged with one plus driver.
thin pad; discontinued
thick pad; 98mm(width),120mm(height), 20mm(thickness of pad), 60gr(mass)
Thick pads;
Soundstage Activator
SA(u) SA(u) marke same sign to output signals of L and R channe of amplifier by micro mixing
of L and R signals of amplifier just before inputting to both speakers.
SA(u) change to the real transparent soundstage from dopy or rough feeling that is fate of audio soundstage. This set can be used for exclusive unbalance type amplifier.
Price; JPY19,800
Size; width 69mm x length 87mm x (terminals and switch is included) x height 38mm
Mass; about 90 gram
This set can be used also for any of the amplifier of a balance type or an unbalanced type.
Other specifications are the same as SA(u).
Size; width 69mm x length 87mm x (terminals and switch is included) x height 38mm
Mass; about 115 gram.
Price; JPY24,800